How do I return a product?

1. Register a return request.

You can do that via our Returns Portal, which you can find here.

Note! You'll find instructions on how to use the portal by clicking here.

After you have sent the return request it will be forwarded to our team. Our team will process the return requests from Monday to Friday between 7AM until 2PM. If you send a return request during the weekend, it will be approved on Monday.

Once the return request have been approved, you will receive a separate e-mail that includes the shipping label as well as short version of instructions for sending your parcel. Kindly always use the shipping label we provide instead of the instructions / shipping label that might be inside the parcel when you receive it.

Kindly note, that if you return more than one brand's items, you will receive a shipping label for each shipment and you will need to pack the products separately by brand.

Also note that you have to cover the original shipping label from the parcel if you return the products on the same packaging. If you do not, it might cause issues with the shipping of the parcel.

2. Ship your parcel(s)

Print out the DHL Express -shipping label and attach it to the parcel you have packed the returning item(s) to. 

If you do not have the opportunity to print the label, you can also write your name clearly on the parcel with the tracking number. After this, schedule a pick up for the shipment (instructions below "Order a pickup from your home"). The tracking number of the parcel is the WAYBILL-serial number, that can be found from the shipping label, under the first barcode (instructions here).

You have two options when shipping the parcel with a printed label.

  • Drop the parcel to your nearest DHL Express -service point.
    • You can browse them by post code from here
    • Kindly note that the parcels need to be send via DHL Express -service points only. Do not send them via Matkahuolto or Posti, as it will create an issue and worst case scenario, get lost.
    • If you're leaving the parcel at a DHL Express -parcel machine, you will need your return's WAYBILL-number to activate the shipment
    • Kindly note that service points won't accept returns without the shipping label attached.
  • Order a pickup from your home
    1. You can create a pickup from your delivery address by clicking here
    2. After clicking the link you will be met with the following view
    3. Make the selections as shown on the photo
    4. "No" when asked if you would need to create a shipping label and "I have a DHL Waybill Number"
    5. Then you will need to insert the WAYBILL-number discussed earlier, but without the WAYBILL-prefix, only the numbers without spacing between any numbers
    6. Lastly insert your phone number with the correct area code and click "Next" 
    7. You will be directed to a page where you can add your details and choose the time of the pickup
    8. This pickup service is free of charge as the shipping label is already paid by us

Should this raise further questions, kindly let us know! You can find information on how to reach our Customer Service by clicking here